Other Products

Mechanical Belt Fasteners

We supply and stock a wide range of belt fasteners suitable for use in all types of belting. Training on site to enable customers fitters to undertake temporary joints reducing down time in emergency situations.



Belt Scrapers & Cleaning Systems

We supply, install and maintain conveyor belt Cleaners and Trackers mainly to heavy industries including the steel industry, quarrying and recycling



Skirt Rubber Rolls

- 10m x 150mm x 10mm rolls ex-stock. Other sizes can be cut on request.
- Standard Black.
- High-Wear Orange.



Polyurethane Strip

- 3m x 100mm x 8mm or 3m x 150mm x 12mm rolls ex-stock.
- Other sizes can be cut on request.



Rubber Repair Materials

- Various sizes of repair patches and feathered strip.
- Rubber bonding solution with activator.



Impact Bars

- Heavy duty rubber with polyurethane low friction surface.
- Tapered leading edge.
- Supplied with ‘T’ bolts.



Belt Tracking Discs

- Easy-fit to any 4” roller.



Elevator Buckets

- Plastic / Steel.
- Light & heavy duty.



Elevator Bucket Fastener Packs

- Various sizes with oval backing washers.



Elevator Belt Joint Fasteners

- Designed for secure jointing.



Cleats & Sidewall

- Various sizes.
- Cleats available for bonding or mechanically securing.